Trance, September 2014

  1. Bryan Kearney - Te Amo 
  2. Simon Patterson - Dissolve
  3. Solarstone - Please (Pure Mix)
  4. Aly & Fila - For All Time
  5. Protoculture - Terra Tronics
  6. Johan Gielen - Physical Overdrive (Darren Porter Remix)
  7. Darren Porter - Terraforming
  8. [Throwback]Andy Moor - Fake Awake
  9. [Throwback] Daniel Kandi - Soul Searchin’

people you don’t care about

I understand that people are social creatures for the most part, but I just cannot deal with 7-10 hours a day of my coworkers talking to me about trivial shit I do not really want to talk about, or even find interesting.

"How was your day?" No.
"Soo what time are you off?" No.
"What are you doing this weekend?" No.

"wanna hear a funny story?" No. 
"omg look at this picture" No.

Porter’s World’s Tour: What went wrong with it?

I’m going to sound like a hater, because I don’t know anyone else who went on this tour and didn’t like it — but the crowd really killed it for me. During the most beautiful parts of his set, everyone seemed distracted or impatient. The crowd was so loud (not cheering or out of respect) but it seemed rather out of impatience. Like people couldn’t appreciate the actual music and were expecting bangers all night or something. 

And I already talked about the sound system. Both of these aspects combined made me feel like Porter was seriously underappreciated by the crowd. Especially at the parts where he was trying to show off his artistry and the musicality of his songs — the crowd was so loud and kinda disrespectful… I felt bad for him because I could tell they were just waiting for the next ‘drop’. Cause people can’t stand there for like 2 minutes to listen to the soft part of a song. 

In the beginning, the sound technician guy would come on stage (he looked nothing like Porter) and everyone kept cheering because they thought it was Porter. Everyone around me. Okay I’m gonna sound like an asshole but if you’re at Porter’s album tour show… shouldn’t you know what Porter looks like. And I was standing really close to the stage, close enough to know that it wasn’t Porter. 

Man it has been a while since I’ve been to an event, I had high hopes for Porter’s show at The Shrine. He did a good job — it was the crowd and the venue that really sucked.