trance with me...

Dj Quicksilver - Ameno


if you wanna know what it feels like to be in love, go listen to trance

Dj Sammy - California Dreamin

All the leaves are brown, and the sky is gray
I’ve been for a walk on a winter’s day…


are you ready for some real throwback? if you want to know the state of EDM in the early 2000s *_*

I thrive on meaningful relationships built on substantial conversations and exchanges of ideas. I find that the most beautiful and intelligent people I meet are transparent yet open-minded and never too aggressive. The kind of people who seem to have a deeper-than-average understanding of the entanglement of the arts and science. People who seem to see that the physical laws of our existence have everything to do with our philosophies, our dreams, our decisions, and our lifestyles. 

raver at the dentist

i get this weird feeling when my dentist tells me that i grind my teeth at night

because i know i don’t

my teeth are just chipped because i grind my teeth

due to drugs -_-

All these ratchet Ultra headlines

Go ahead, keep on ruining the culture closely tied to the music we love


since i dislike people and i have retardedly high expectations for them i’m just going to stick to trance

Tygris - Lyra

Enhanced Records ALWAYS pushing out some great progressive tracks. Loving the uplifting feel with the vocals on this one.

HOME (Mike Shiver Remix)

Porter Robinson - Sea of Voices

This song makes me excited to hear what he has off of his album. I love it. Catharsis. 

i don't think caring or being emotional is a weakness at all. i think it shows that you're strong enough to handle raw emotion because some people try to mask it off and brush it aside like its nothing but in reality they're going to have to face it sooner or later. thats why i think most people can't handle the feels that trance has to offer. they only want to hear the drop etc

lol!! my post was unrelated to trance but i like how you made it relevant to trance. reveal yoself

and yeah i totally agree about the raw emotion stuff. i think letting yourself be seen with the spectrum of your emotions takes a lot more courage than avoiding your problems and ignoring the fact that emotions are a real part of the human experience…..

but you know idk aside from that specific fear perhaps people just are too afraid to take on the challenge of actually giving a shit enough to be hurt by something. people are scared to get hurt? well don’t be such a punk bitch, man. cause you’re makin it harder for everyone else who actually cares and you just come off as an asshole

sigh endrant i just wish people in the world cared more about something anything or anyone cause when people care about anything that changes them. 


I get annoyed at how willing I am to give people second chances - benefit of the doubt - all that bullshit, at the risk of my own happiness. You ask me to open up and stop being so defensive, but you end up proving me right in the end. Tired of excuses. If someone is important enough to you, you take the fucking call, no matter where you are. If something is important enough to you, you make sure you make the  fucking time and effort that things are resolved. If I can do all these things for someone, despite being the most forgetful and irresponsible girl in the world, then anyone can.

Why the fuck do I even bother.

who was the douche that did that to you

wait who did what to me o.o