8/30 - Dive Day Club :)
9/5 - Aly & Fila @ Bassmnt
9/13 - Porter Robinson @ The Shrine

I’m so excited! I haven’t seen artists I’ve truly wanted to see since May, when I saw Porter in Vegas. 

Porter Robinson - Shepherdess

i LOVE this old porter sound. here’s the unreleased track that is available only on his vinyl edition of WORLDS — track produced in 2012.

I’d like to do a song that is just a pure expression of joy —
A celebration of existence
Like the coming of spring or the sun rising… just,
Pure unbounded joy.

Bryan Kearney - Te Amo

I like to pretend I’m alone….
Completely alone…

No one left to act normal for..
No need to hide who I really am
I dreamed… I dreamed I’m floating on the surface of my own life
Watching it unfold
Observing it
On the outside looking in.


Trance definitely isn’t dead when we’ve still got quality, A+++, 10/10 tracks like these being released in 2014.

Mainstream Music

I see the slow transition from repetitive, big room/festival house to deep house being more popular on the radio. I like this transition. I honestly think that it has deep roots and influence by the online music community — channels like Majestic Casual have started a new trend. I think the explosion of deep house onto mainstream outlets is a good thing. There’s more quality artists now. I like seeing artists like Banks, Clean Bandit and Kiesza become popular, and seeing artists like Flume and Disclosure have so much influence on mainstream sound. 

After the explosion of “EDM”, I think this is the first time I am satisfied with the direction the music is going in.

Mike Sanders - Power of Smile (Manuel Rocca Remix)

Found this gem off of Aly & Fila’s FSOE 353 episode on Aug 11th.



Jesse Williams is another Black Celebrity who is awake and conscious.

"I see it time and time again, and it doesn’t move the story forward. It just kind of cryogenically freezes us in this old racial paradigm." - Jesse Williams

LAPD & NYPD are some of the most fucked up police departments that we keep hearing in the news. And I’m sorry but what was all that rush to cover up the ex-LAPD guy who wrote that huge manifesto about how corrupted their system was? Chris something? This happened last year I think and it got hushed up real quick, they even killed him without trial. 

So for anyone that’s going to tell me we’re not living in a time where police brutality and authority should be questioned, really take a look at all the shit you see. 

(via suspendeduniverse)

Porter Robinson: Reinvention and Innovation

I think Porter is a *truly* talented artist, one who creates art as an artist, not as a mass producer of something to be consumed for profit. But I am so far having mixed feelings on just how much I like the new stuff he put out.

I think all the songs are great… they’re refreshing, but they’re just not my style. Not his problem, but I definitely miss the way he redefined and reworked dubstep, progressive house, and trance elements into one song like he used to. I guess indie pop funk just isn’t my thing, but I have 100% respect for his works on the Worlds album. Still looking forward to his show and think he’s great. I would listen to his album still, but not something I lost my mind over in the same way I went crazy over “Say My Name” when it first came out. 

Regardless of whatever it is he did though (back then with Say My Name and now with his Worlds album), I LOVE that he is bringing something new to the table. I don’t doubt that his sound will be unique. I can see it setting a precedent or sort of a mark in EDM culture in terms of the direction the music may be going in. 

Even when his new album is not particularly my taste, gotta give him an A+ 

Sneak peak of JACK U (Diplo , Skrillex)’s new track with Kiesza…

JACK U (DIPLO & SKRILLEX) ft Kiesza - Take You There

Luigi Lusini & Thomas Schwartz - Kiunguja (Original Mix)

a little oldie with the Dinka-esque feel.

THE TRUTH BEHIND THE “WE STILL COMING” accidental text! haha they were actually tryna shoot a video and this just happened.